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Temple Israel Religious School FAQ

What is Jewish Education at Temple Israel? 

At Temple Israel, we offer Sunday School on most Sundays during the school year and aim to provide children with a comprehensive understanding of Jewish religion, culture, history, and Hebrew language.

We also offer Hebrew School on Sundays for Grades 4 - 7.

What age groups can attend Religious School?

Our Sunday School program typically caters to children from pre-kindergarten through 7th grade, with programs tailored to each age group.

How often are classes held?

There are typically 24 sessions held once a week on Sundays. The exact schedule can vary depending year by year.


What subjects are taught?

The curriculum usually includes:

  • Hebrew language
  • Jewish history
  • Torah study
  • Jewish holidays and customs
  • Jewish values and ethics
  • Israel and its significance to Judaism

Are there different programs for different age groups?

Yes, the curriculum is adapted to be age-appropriate, ensuring that younger children engage with basic concepts while older students delve into more complex topics.


How can I enroll my child?

You can enroll online using the Registration Form.  You can also contact our office administrator or Director of Education for assistance.

Is prior Jewish education required for enrollment?

No, prior Jewish education is not required to participate in Sunday School at Temple Israel. The programs are designed to accommodate children with varying levels of knowledge and background in Judaism.


How much does the program cost?

  • Grades K - 3rd: $1,040
  • Grades 4th - 7th: $1,375
  • Scholarships or financial aid may be available for families in need.

Attendance and Participation

What is the attendance policy?

Regular attendance is encouraged to ensure that children gain the full benefit of the program. 

Are parents required to participate?

Parents are not required to attend classes.  However, we love having parents participate!  Some options can include T’Fillah, field trips or volunteering in the classroom. 

What if we need to miss a class?

We understand that occasional absences are unavoidable. It’s best to inform our Director of Education in advance and inquire about any missed work or important announcements.

Special Needs

Do you offer programs for children with special needs?

Our program strives to be inclusive and offers support for children with special needs. Contact the school to discuss specific accommodations.

Social and Community Activities

Are there social or community activities for students?

Yes!  We offer holiday celebrations, potlucks, picnics, community service opportunities and so much more.  We believe  this helps foster a sense of community among students and families.

Teacher Qualifications

Who teaches the classes?

Teachers are often experienced educators with backgrounds in Jewish studies, Hebrew, or education. 

Additional Information

How can I get more information about a specific program?

For more detailed information, please reach out to our Director of Education, they can provide specifics on curriculum, schedules, costs, and enrollment procedures.

Can I visit the Sunday School before enrolling my child?

We offer an open house before the school year kicks off to meet the teachers, tour the classroom and meet other prospective families.  We also welcome new students to join in for a school session so they can meet new friends.  Contact the Director of Education to arrange a visit.

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