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If you are exploring congregational websites to find the right temple for you, we would love to have you become a part of our family. Thank you for finding us! Send any questions to our Member Engagement Team at

We invite you to join our Temple family by completing our New Member Form.

Our introductory dues donation request is $360 (we won't stop you if you want to donate more.) 

We have been in Alameda since 1920 and have been the home base for Jewish and Interfaith families ever since. There is a place for you at Temple Israel!

Our community is dedicated to supporting each member, whether you live in the city of Alameda, Castro Valley, or another area of the East Bay. We also welcome hybrid members: folks who live outside the East Bay and want to stay connected to our community through Zoom and other digital gatherings. 

Becoming a Temple Israel member also ensures we are able to hold space for the wider Jewish community. Our rabbi re-established the Jewish Roundtable of Alameda School District to support Jewish students and families. We are a member congregation of the Alameda All Faiths Coalition. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Membership Renewal for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 

It costs approximately $300 per month per member household to provide all the wonderful services and programs that Temple Israel provides. We have the the following membership options: Enhanced, Sustaining and Growing. Please know that no one will be turned away. You can either choose one of these Membership Levels from the drop-down menu in the form below or indicate a different amount that you are able to contribute. 


Enhanced Levels 

Enhanced Level Membership Giving provides much needed extra support. Only through Enhanced Levels, fundraisers, and the support of the Temple Israel Foundation are we able to generate the funds necessary to operate. We know that those members who are able to choose Enhanced Levels do so without any expectations in return. However, to show our gratitude, we offer the following thank you gifts to show our appreciation should you choose these donation levels: 

         Chesed – Kindness $10,000 and above 

    Thank You Gifts: Tree of Life Leaf, Yahrzeit Plaque and Pew Naming Plaque 

         Shalom – Peace $7,200 and above 

         Thank You Gifts: Tree of Life Leaf & Yahrzeit Plaque

         Tzedakah – Righteousness $4,000 and above

          Thank You Gifts: Tree of Life Leaf & Yahrzeit Plaque

Membership Levels
  • Sustaining: $300 per month or $3,600 per year
  • Growing: $150 per month or $1,800 per year  
Form Instructions

Complete the short form below to renew. It is best that you log into your account first at the top of the website. While there, review your account information so it is current. If you are not logged into your account via our website and you do not have a payment method already recorded, you will be required to provide credit card information below. 

You may choose to donate all at once, monthly, or another option. We encourage everyone to select the "renew indefinitely" button so your donation goes more easily from one fiscal year to the next and you'll avoid receiving renewal notices. 

If you do have trouble with the form, please contact our office at

Thank you.

Temple Israel is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit meaning your dues donation is tax-deductible. Your employer might even match.

2023/2024 Membership Renewal

Temple Israel of Alameda Membership Renewal Form
Our membership year is July, 2023 through June, 2024
Thank you for supporting our spiritual community!

Membership Levels

Sustaining: $300 per month or $3,600 per year
Growing: $150 per month or $1,800 per year

Enhanced Support Levels 

Chesed – Kindness $10,000 and above 
Shalom – Peace $7,200 and above 
Tzedakah – Righteousness $4,000 and above

If you are unable to afford the annual levels suggested in the above drop-down menu, enter the total amount you can pledge for the year in the box below. 
On the next screen, you can choose to divide your total membership pledge into monthly payments or charge it to your account.

Capital Campaign and Building Fund

Our Temple Israel buildings are over 40 years old. The storms of early 2023 confirmed how vital this fund is for us. We ask each family to make a minimum donation of $1,000 to this fund, generally paid over a 4-year period. If you are able to make an annual donation of $250, that will help us maintain and repair our buildings and courtyard. 

The Temple Israel Legacy Society exists because of generous donations by members like you. If you check the above box, a Foundation member will reach out to describe these long-term options. 

Total Commitment for Membership Year 2023-2024
You will be able to split your total commitment into monthly payments on the next screen.


Make Temple Israel Your Congregation!

Send any questions to our Membership Engagement Team at

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyar 5784