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Shabbat Onegs are a lovely Temple Israel tradition. Each member family is asked to help keep this tradition going by hosting at least one oneg per year. It isn’t difficult, and it is a great way to connect with your Temple Israel community following the Shabbat evening service! Congregants often host onegs to celebrate a special occasion or to remember a loved one. Some families choose to host together, although hosting by yourself isn’t hard.
Volunteer to host an oneg by contacting Alison Harris at or (510) 521-3375
Financial Donation to our Oneg Fund is always appreciated. You may donate here: 

How to Host an Oneg

If you haven’t hosted an oneg before, or if it has been a while since you last hosted, here are some guidelines to help you:
  1. Tables and chairs will be set up for you. There will be one round table nearer the stage for the food, and 3 other round tables will have chairs set around them. There will also be one rectangular table for the challah, kiddush cups, and beverages.
    1. Tablecloths will be in the closet in the kitchen.
    2. The Temple provides the grape juice and wine for kiddush. You will need to pour about 24 small cups of juice for kiddush, and fill the Kiddush cup with a small amount of wine for the service leader.
    3. Dishes, silverware, glasses, serving trays, etc. are all provided in the pantry.
  2. You will need to bring enough for 24 – 30 people:
    1. One unsliced challah. You can buy it at Safeway, Trader Joe’s, a bakery, etc. There is a challah tray and cover in the pantry.
    2. Something savory, such as cheese, veggies & dip, pretzels, chips, nuts, etc.
    3. Something sweet like cookies, sliced cake, pastry, etc.
    4. Fruit
    5. Juice, sparkling water, iced tea, etc. The Temple provides coffee and tea.
  3. The food should be set out before the service, with the coffee, ice, and other temperature-sensitive items being set out near the end of the service.
  4. You may want to place a plant, flowers, or some other centerpiece on the table to enhance the beauty of the celebration. There is an artificial flower arrangement in the pantry that you can use, if you wish.
Dishes, small cups for the Kiddush juice, serving platters, glasses, etc. are in the kitchen pantry. Other people, especially members of the Ritual Practices Committee, are usually there early and can help you set up. After the oneg, you must be sure the used dishes are stacked by the dishwasher, the tablecloths are placed in the laundry hamper, and all trash is thrown in the appropriate can. Other members at the oneg will usually help you do this. We ask that you take any unused food home with you.

Volunteer to Host an Oneg

Volunteer to host an oneg by contacting Alison Harris at or (510) 521-3375
Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784