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2020 Ballot Pick-up

The election season is upon us.  This year, many people have concerns about their health if they go to the polling place. There are also fears that with the problems the post office is experiencing, our mail-in ballots could be delivered late or not at all. Some of us may not be able to take their ballot to a drop-box.

To help alleviate these concerns, the Social Justice Committee of Temple Israel is offering to pick up your ballot and deposit it in the ballot drop-box in advance of election day.  We will have 2 days for you to choose from.  All you have to do is to make an appointment for the day that works best for you and one of our masked volunteers will pick up your ballot. Please fill out the form below and submit.

Choose either
October 18 between 10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon
October 25 between 10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon

Be sure your envelope is signed and sealed!!

If you’d like to volunteer and assist with the pick-up and drop-off, 
please check the Ballot Pick Up box on the attached form.

You can track the status of your ballot at Where's My Ballot?

Choose only one date

Sun, October 25 2020 7 Cheshvan 5781